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Transport Refrigeration Jobs

Transport Refrigeration Jobs

Transport Refrigeration Jobs

Our refrigerated truck drivers are a crucial part of our truck service operations because they are responsible for transporting the perishable cargo that our clients entrust us with. Would you love to be part of a leading refrigerated freight company? Then here is a description of the requirements needed for you to work with us and some of your job duties.

Our Requirements

Reefer freight transportation requires attention to detail. So to ensure that they discharge their duties effectively and safely, our refrigerated truck drivers must get a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Federal and state laws determine CDL requirements, but you’d need to pass comprehensive written and driving tests that gauge your knowledge and understanding of the laws and policies governing refrigerated freight logistics operations. Here are other criteria that you are required to meet before you can work with us at Northern Refrigerated Transportation:

  • You must be at least 23 years old
  • You must have a current ORIGINAL DMV printout.
  • You must have no more than two moving violations in the past three years
  • You must not have been involved in ‘AT-FAULT’ accidents within two years (you must provide a copy of the accident report)
  • You must be able to obtain a minimum medical qualification of 1 year

Here are some things that will disqualify you from working at our refrigerated transportation services company:

  • DUI (within five years)
  • Reckless Driving (within five years)
  • Suspended license (within three years, other than child support or failure to appear)
  • Driving on a suspended license within three years

Your Duties

Your primary duty as a refrigerated truck driver with our company is to safely transport freight that has to be kept under refrigerated conditions. To do this, you’d have to drive safely and monitor the freight throughout the trip. All our refrigerated trucks are equipped with temperature gauges that allow you to keep track of the temperature in your trailer.

If the temperature drops too low or goes too high, you are expected to take the initiative to protect the freight from becoming ruined or unsafe for consumption.

If refrigerated freight shipping is involved, you may be responsible for loading and unloading freight and mapping out your route. Other job duties may include keeping logs of miles traveled, gas consumption, trailer temperatures, and the stops you make. You are also expected to comply with weight restrictions on the roadways you travel and other regulations related to driving commercial trucks on public roadways. You will also be responsible for keeping your vehicles clean, and the cooling units fueled.

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